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    This package is the same as the c5 easy content manager that you can find on this website, except that it includes some very cool addons : c5 permission : a completely automated members registration and management system c5 forum : a very powerfull forum application. c5 mailing list : create as many lists as you want. We plan to add more addons in a very near future.

    You can have a look at this web site which is using it : http://www.modilo.fr

    If you have any question, please post to our forums here : http://www.modilo.fr/forumc5
    Author: Fresse Gerome
    Example: http://www.modilo.fr/


    Do you need a very easy to use content manager, with a learning curve about one hour for the end user? , so here is the answer. All the interface are build with Flash5, just drag and drop to modify things. And the best thing is that there is Fusebox inside. Connect your own fuses to the application in seconds. Give it a try, and enjoy simplicity. For more informations, contact me : administrateur@modilo.fr
    Author: Fresse Gerome
    Example: http://sregan.microclear.net/search_tracker/tracker_info.htm


    A very easy to setup and use forum system
    Author: Jim
    Example: http://www.live-web.com/activeforum/displayforums.cfm


    A new version of this great forum app is now available. Version 2.0 adds many new features such as User Registration, Message Icons, Moderators, and new Admin Tools. There is no better way to increase the amount of visitors to your site than with a forum. Try it today!
    Author: Jim Pochas
    Example: http://www.live-web.com/activeforum/displayforums.cfm


    Without a doubt the easiest to use forum app for CF. You can have CF_ActiveForum up and running on your site in less than a minute! Has all the features you'd expect in a forum app too...and the price is so low that you won't need to shop around for anything else.
    Author: Jim Pochas
    Example: http://www.live-web.com/activeforum/displayforums.cfm


    This is a powerful calendar application for storing and displaying events. It is very portable and easy to integrate into any Cold Fusion application. The calendar provides a monthly view with a pop-up window to display information for a specific date.

    It features very simple administrative funtions that are all password protected to prevent unauthorized use. Once the administrator has logged in, he/she can add new events to the calendar, update existing events, or delete existing events. This calendar also allows the administrator to add repeated events easily. Events can be set to repeat daily, weekly, or on a list of dates provided by the administrator.
    Author: William Welbes
    Example: http://www.williamwelbes.com/calendar/index.cfm


    Use this custom tag to let people email their friends about your website. Simply call up the tag on a CFM page, and your page will have a built in Instant Email program. With two simple configuration commands to install. Have fun and enjoy. This is Freeware.
    Author: Jesse Diaz
    Example: http://www.allthatwork.com/sotd/


    CF Banner is our latest solution to affordable, feature rich ad management software designed to make your advertising campaign system run with ease. Complete with report generating tools, banner upload utilities and client logins, CF Banner is the premium choice for ad management solutions.
    Author: Misty Woodward
    Example: http://www.oleani.com/demos/cfbanner/


    With CFBoards your Bulletin Boards / Forum can have flexibility that it's never had before. CFBoards allows administrative control over more functions than any other Forum software. Unlimited Conferences, forums, messages, users, etc., the ability to Authorize posts before they are public, file uploads, configurable HTML and Image Sets, ICQ Support, 10 Customizable User Profile fields, Reply-to-Reply option for a 'Threaded' style forum, customizable user types and user levels, ready for banner advertising, International Language Pack available, works w/ MS-SQL Server, MySQL, and MS-Access plus more!!!
    Author: Todd DeFrane
    Example: http://www.cfboards.com/cfb


    This banner rotation solution will manage all of your advertising banners with ease! Features include:

    Supports banner grouping and keyword assignment for different web sites.

    Upload Manager - Used to upload files to your server. Directory Manager - Used to browse directories on your server. Group Manager - Add or Delete groups to associate with banners. Login Manager - Used to add owners to assign to banners.

    Complete web interface for database/banner management. Statistics area to track stats by day, week and month!

    This is an open source product so the developer can modify the application if need be!
    Author: Mike Fredrick
    Example: http://www.polarisman.com/cftags/


    a fully dynamic Guest Book giving you the ability to make it look and feel like a part of your site. Such features as a on / off switch, dynamic datasource control, custom title, logo, control panel, redirection of viewers when Guest Book is off, and all password protected for admin use area. This program is designed to work for anyone who has a basic understanding of Cold Fusion, and comes with installtion step by step guide to help in the installation.

    Product is only avialable for purchase.
    Author: Jesse Diaz
    Example: http://www.allthatwork.com/guestbook/index.cfm

  • CF_FORUM 2000

    This is a fully customizable web forum application. The administrator can change images,colors,fonts,and many other variables. Create unlimited categories, with unlimited discussion groups. Fully Documented for easy installation.

    Please visit the site for the latest demo version.
    Author: Robert Long
    Example: http://www.cfcode.com/cfforum2000


    Now you can implement your own link management system on your web site with CF LinkManager! CF LinkManager allows you to run a complicated link directory system through easy to use administration pages instead of the overwhelming tasks of database entries or managing static HTML pages.
    Author: Misty Woodward
    Example: http://www.oleani.com/demos/cflinkmanager/


    Magic Book is a FREE fully-loaded guest book application. It allows visitors to add their comments as well as name and email address to the book in an automated process. Also included is a complete Admin section. From here, book owners can completely setup the look of the application from a simple form, where all colors and fonts can be changed. Also, you may edit or remove any of the guest book entries. You may also add other users from the Admin section. This is a FREE, unencrypted application. For more information, visit http://www.cfmagic.com/products/.
    Author: Todd Buck
    Example: http://www.cfmagic.com/products/magicbook.cfm


    Magic Poll is a simple to use and administer survey application. It consists of 2 tags, one for the question and one for the results. This makes it very easy to install on your pages. It comes with a complete admin section that allows you to create as many polls as you would like, monitor the results and make changes. Polls may have from 2 to 8 answers and results are displayed using color bars and percentages. Votes are restricted to one per person/computer per poll by the use of cookies. This is a Try-Out encrypted version which allows only one poll and fifty votes. A fully-functional encrypted version as well as the source-code version are also available. For more information, go to http://www.cfmagic.com/products/.
    Author: Todd Buck
    Example: http://www.cfmagic.com/products/magicpoll.cfm


    CF MegaBoard is the ultimate in online discussion boards. Fully customizable design themes, broadcast emailing system, and file attachments are just a few of the features that make this discussion board system the premier choice for online discussion solutions.
    Author: Misty Woodward
    Example: http://www.oleani.com/demos/cfmegaboard/


    Knowledge management just became a whole lot easier with CF KnowledgeBase. All through an easy to use web based interface, your business can now store important informational articles, files, images and more. Customers and sales staff can find the information they need with an intuitive search feature and even e-mail or print off articles as needed.
    Author: Misty Woodward
    Example: http://www.oleani.com/demos/cfknowledgebase/

  • CF_LIVECHAT V1.5.0

    A fast webchat which uses no database. It's useful for a small site or an intranet. This is an encrypted-version.
    Author: Thanh Hai Ha
    Example: http://www.friendscircle.net/cf_livechat


    Simple tag for displaying a counter.
    Author: Ed Salgado
    Example: http://www.onedomain.com/

  • CF_ODP

    Integrate a complete directory and search engine just like Yahoo!, on your very own site! CF_ODP (formally CF_POD) gets all of its search content right off the Open Directory site in real time (dmoz.org). That means you'll already have thousands or more sites in your directory and search engine. CF_ODP is useful for all information based sites and portals. You can even use it in conjunction with Cf_Amazon to generate some extra revenue (when a user searches, Amazon search results will also be displayed). Header and footer are completely customizable and style sheets can be used to change fonts/font colors.


    Full featured application for realtors. Features include the following:

    Managed Listings
    - Manage all listings from initial input to final sale.
    - Any combination of rental, commercial, or residential property listings.
    - Simple graphic uploads from your own computer - up to 4 graphics per listing.
    - Key data points such as School District and Community/Development locations.
    - Each listing can be printed from the site.
    - Map to each listing.
    - Each listing can be directed to an agent

    Individual Team Member Pages
    - You can have as many members (brokers, agents, etc.) to your team as you like. - Each member has their own page with contact information, graphic, personal message, feature listing and all listings managed by the member.
    - Each member can control their own contact information and personal message.

    Schedule Open Houses
    - Schedule open house events.
    - Calendar display of events.
    - Each event can be printed from the web site.

    Create Unlimited Additional Web Pages
    - Create unlimited web pages.
    - Easily add content and graphic for each page.

    Mortgage Calculator
    - Mortgage estimate calculator included.

    Buyer and Seller Initial Application Forms
    - New buyers and sellers can complete an initial on-line application form.
    - Each application is recorded and stored in the database and can be retrieved in the site administration area.
    - Auto-emails are generated.

    Lead Generator
    - Each page has a 'tell a friend' option to help generate more leads via email.
    - Each email has a personal message from the sender and a message from the realtor with contact information.

    Powerful Site Control Panel - never hire a webmaster again!
    - The site administration area is the control center for the site.
    - All content of the site is controlled from here, to include: listings, open house events, member access and administrative authorizations, local area information, etc.
    - Intuitive forms - programming knowledge not required.
    - Instantaneous results - site is always accurate.

    This application was developed using ColdFusion 4.5 server (NT). There are no known issues with ColdFusion Server 5+. This has not yet been developed for Unix platforms or tested using any other database accept Access2000 and Access97. br>Author: David Ashley
    Example: http://www.cfrealestate.com/


    Coldfusion shopping cart solution. Supports Multiple State Sales Tax Calculations, custom shipping table, no restrictions on number of subcategories, User-friendly admin control panel, and much more! See the website for details!


    CFTicket is a full-fledged Email Management, Trouble Ticket, and Customer Relations application that will improve your company's work load instantly.

    Features include:

  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Strong Security Implementation
  • History of All Contacts
  • Different AutoResponders for Each Address
  • Statistical Analysis of Users
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • New Ticket Notifications
  • Built-in Webmail for Quick Reponses
  • Color-coding for Quick Viewing
  • Custom Address Books
  • CFTicket is compatible with Windows and Unix/Linux and will work on Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, or MySQL.

    For more information visit


    Online Web-based WYSIWYG editor that allows cut-and-paste direct from MS Word without losing formatting, edit/add text with the ability to choose or modify a site's images, hyperlinks and fonts.
    Author: William Rogers
    Example: http://www.ektron.com/products/ewebedit.cfm


    Online Web-based WYSIWYG editor, table support, spell checking, view images in the editor, undo, cut and paste Word or EXCEL right into the editor and still maintain formatting, Hyperlinks, and WDDX.
    Author: William Rogers
    Example: http://www.ektron.com/products/ewebeditpro.cfm


    Professional Classified Ad Management System
    Author: Fusion ZONE
    Example: http://www.fusionzone.com/applications/classified.htm


    CouponZONE is a powerful coupon management application that can be easily integrated into your web site. Think about how many return visitors you could have if they knew they could keep coming back to your site to receive great offers and discount coupons from companies in your area. Setup clients so they can log-in and create / modify their own coupons 24 hours a day. It is up to you how many clients that you would like to establish. The more clients that you have, the more your visitors are likely to keep coming back to your site.
    Author: Fusion ZONE
    Example: http://www.fusionzone.com/applications/coupons.htm


    Providing solutions for local, affiliate and wireless coupons it is the most advanced coupon application written for cold fusion.
    Author: Fusion ZONE
    Example: http://www.fusionzone.com/applications/coupons/overview.cfm


     Security Framework is a powerful and secure yet easy to install and manage login system for your ColdFusion website.

    With Security Framework you will be provided:

    * Login screen * Password change screen * Ability to specify password aging * Minimum and maximum password lengths * Minimum time between password changes * Number of passwords to remember in the password history * How many login failures within what time frame before an account is locked out * Length of time that that account will be locked out before automatically re-activating * Whether an account is disabled or not * Logging of login successes, failures, neither, or both * All of the login and password change screen colors(from text to background to Submit button colors) * Ability to set up virtually limitless user accounts and permission levels.
    Author: Michael M. Moss
    Example: http://www.dynss.com/products/secf


    A database-driven WAP mobile alert, which can be used with any alert notification capable phone browser. Illustrates the use of alert notification, as well as the mixing of WML and CFML tags. The code is compliant with the Fusebox methodology, and includes both a PC and phone interface.
    or: Iko Bylicki
    Example: http://www.deliver123.com/


    Using this component user without special knowledge or experience can edit website page content. It is very useful for content manager, webmasters and technical writers. The ZIP file contents demo application.
    Author: Andrey Karasev
    Example: http://web4w3.com/edHTML/index.cfm


    Web Site Manager 1.0

    Maintain a website from any PC. Full Web based file explorer. Customize user folders, restricted access customization, etc..
    Author: Zan Gligorov
    Example: http://www.z-softnet.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=products.main


    E-commerce Software to create a shopping mall with multi-stores on the internet.
    Author: shay
    Example: http://www.webcortex.com/